Eastern Reggae Band

Community: Santa Teresa

Language songs are in:  Aranda & English

Band Members: Baxter Alice – Drums | Wayne Young – Bass | Travis Alice – Rhythm & Vocals | Donavan Mulladad – Lead | Maxwell Meneri – Vocals | Charlie Lynch – Vocals


Band Biography: 2013 has been a busy year for Eastern Reggae Band, playing festivals, sports weekends and concerts all over the Central Desert. Hailing from Ltyentye Apurte (SantaTeresa) 80 km east of Alice Springs, Eastern Reggae Band play energetic desert reggae inspired by life in Santa Teresa, traditional stories and the desert reggae movement. Formed by Donovan Mulladad and Travis Alice, the band also consists of Charlie Lynch, Wayne Young, Maxwell Meneri and Leroy. Singing in Eastern Arrente and English, Eastern Reggae Band have performed gigs across central desert in addition to The Alice Springs night market and Bush Bands Bash 2009.

Eastern Reggae Band have collaborated on several tracks with CAAMA Music and band members have been involved with many diverse media projects, such as MacDonnell Shire’s ‘The Right Track’ project, CAAMA Music’s Snapshot compilations and Music Industry Ranger Program. Eastern Reggae Band have been instrumental in the development of a music scene in Santa Teresa, mentoring younger bands and also hosting inter-community concerts. With east coast gigs and a debut CD on the horizon, Eastern Reggae is a band to watch out for.

Music: 09 Everybody Dancing | 18 Where are you going | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=norVhyO8OWY