Running Water Band

Community: Kintore

Language songs are in : Luritja, Pintubi

Band Members: Clive Young – Drums | Christopher Tolson – Bass | Solomon Daniels – Keyboard & Vocals (lead) | Francis Collins – Rhythm Guitar | George Butcher – Lead Guitar | Malcolm Dempsey – Keyboard | Kevin Bennett – Vocals | Dennis Maxwell – Vocals

Band Bio: Running Water Band hails from a remote community that doesn’t see too much running water – Kintore, 530kms west of Alice Springs. The band has a growing reputation and is set to release their debut album in the not too distant future. Running Water Band have been included on the last two CAAMA Music Snapshot releases, wrote and recorded the hit song Ngurra Palyanku Kanyila (Keep Our Community Strong) for MacDonnell Shire’s The Right Track compilation and played many gigs throughout remote Northern Territory and Western Australia. With Tjupi Band and Warumpi Band family for these guys, music is in their blood.

Music: 11 Ikunjinya | 03 Amatrungu (Mt. Leibig)