Neil Murray

“I was involved in the mentoring of bands for the 2008 Bush Bands Bash and I couldn’t think of better way to build confidence and musicianship in community bands than by providing a professionally staged concert for them to perform at. These bands now have something to aim for. All their rehearsing and creative development can be put on display at the annual Bush Bands Bash in Alice Springs. It generates a lot of excitement and communtiy pride for both bands and audiences. Bands and road crew learn what it takes to stage a professional performance. It provides a showcase and a springboard for NT bands to pitch themselves to music festivals across the nation.”

Neil Murray: songwriter and founding member of the Warumpi Band.

Mika Etheridge – Symbiosis

“The Bush Bands Bash was epic…rolling into town to play before all the bush bands was awesome. The crowd was electric, all the central desert mobs hanging for their fellow countrymen to come on stage and rock it! It was totally classic!”

Damian Ryan – Mayor of Alice Springs

“The Bush Bands Bash has grown over the years into one of the biggest concerts in Alice Springs and is a unique opportunity for town people to enjoy the incredible music being made on remote communities. I believ that Indigenous and non-Indigenous people working together on somethins as vibrant as the Bush Bands Bash can only be a positive step forward for our town. This concert has the potential of being one of Australia’s iconinc music events and we look forward to seeing it grow in future years. In this instance, music truly brings everyone together in celebration.”