Tjupi Band

Community: Papunya

Language: Luritja

Members: Sammy Butcher – Manager/Producer / Jason Butcher – Lead Guitar / Malcolm Karpa - Rhythm Guitar / Jeremiah Butcher - Keyboard / Barnabus Danials – Vocals / Ethan McDonald - Bass Guitar / Samual Inkamala – Drums.

Discography: 2004 – Kuunyi (CAAMA) / 2008 – Kutju Ngarala (CAAMA)

Bush Bands Bash Gigs:  2011, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005

Description: The sound of Tjupi, in many ways epitomizes Central Australia desert reggae – sparse upbeat, driving kick and snare, in-language; the songs are about loneliness for country, love lost, listening to elders, following tradition, social issues, skin pride, tribal unity. The release of Kutju Ngarala has sent Central Australia into a Tjupi frenzy! Look out for them at the Indigenous Music Awards in Darwin. Today Papunya, tomorrow, the world.