Spin Fx

Band Name:

Spin Fx




Jason Butcher – Drums

Stanley Roberts – Vocals / Guitar

Amos Egan – Vocal / Lead Gutar

Abraham Phillipus – Bass

Derek Williams

Leslie Pearce

Lance McDonald


2000 – ‘Ulumburru’ (CAAMA)

2002 – ‘Uluparru’ (CAAMA)

Bush Bands Bash Gigs:



SpinFx Band started around 1999.  Amos was working as the music teacher in the Papunya School.  Standley and Amos used to practise music every day.  They wrote songs about life in Papunya, outbush, people and land.  They recorded their first album ‘Ulumburru’ with CAAMA.  It was launched at CAAMA with a live broadcast at the beginning of 2000. ‘Ulumburru’ the title track is a mountain to the south of Papunya that is part of the West MacDonnell Ranges.  It is sacred land.  A lot of the songs have been about hard times in life, and trying to help people.  The album was a great success through CAAMA.  SpinFx went to Sydney for the Deadly Vibes alongside Troy Cassar- Daley and Shikira.